Cody Tate skating the plaza. Skating Bellevue. Tyler Beihl, Josh Munday, Ethan Davis and Thomas Netkowicz. Filmed by Mikey Dawes.… Read More

Wondering when the landscaping work will be done at the skate plaza? We have been wondering why it has taken so for the landscaping to be completed…here is the tentative schedule we found.… Read More

Why “swearing and misbehavior” might mean the demise of Bellevue Skate-Plaza over the long term… Skateboarding in public places is one of the best aspects of skateboarding, no doubt. Most skate-parks in Pittsburgh, are somewhat off the beaten path, but not Bellevue’s. So we’re going to have higher accountability from the public, especially a library… Read More

  Get excited! Phase 2 is here and ready to skate. A rail needs to be installed for it to be 100% done but it’s pretty awesome so far. Also as a reminder, when you are at the plaza be respectful of the people at Bayne Park. Please place your empty drink bottles and food… Read More