Vincent Onel from Spohn Ranch Skateparks took a trip to Pittsburgh on December 8th to discuss the design process and construction of the skate plaza. The final plaza will cover about 7,500 – 10,000 sq ft of Bayne Park in Bellevue. The plaza will be built in multiple phases. The first phase being roughly 5,500 sq ft. Each phase will be a fully skate-able section/addition.

It is important that we continue to fundraise because the more money that goes into the plaza, the bigger and better it will be.

As a skateboarder living in the Pittsburgh area, you have a say when it comes to the design of the skate plaza. Log on to our Facebook page and “like” us. Join in on the design discussions. Post videos and photos of people skating parks and plazas that you think look fun. Point out the obstacles of the plazas that you would want to see at the Bellevue PA skate plaza.

Bellevue PA is getting a skate plaza! Tell all your friends!!!

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